Fruits Go Wild

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Fruits Go Wild is the latest release from Electric Elephant. This 3x3 video slot gives a modern twist on a classic theme.Featuring free spins, sticky wilds and a bonus collection feature, Fruits Go Wild will appeal to players old and new.


Sticky Wilds

If a wild symbol lands on the centre line of any reel, the whole reel sticks for the next paid spin.

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Fruits Go Wild - Collection Feature (Image 2).jpeg

Collection Feature

There is a border filled with 24 game symbols placed around the reels. If a symbol lands in the centre space of the middle reel that matches the next symbol in the border that section of the border becomes lit. Light all of the sections of the border and enter the collection feature bonus round where you can win a multiple of your bet.


Game Stats

Game Type: Video Slot
Game Theme: Classic Fruity Stepper
Reels: 3x3
Lines: 27
Wild Symbol: Yes
Scatter Symbol: Yes
Bonus Symbol: No
Multiplier: No
Features: Sticky wilds, free spins and bonus collection feature
Language Support: EN, BE, CZ, DK, EE, NL, SE, FI, FR, DE, GR, HU, IT, LV, LT, NO, PL, PT,
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Game Name: Fruits Go Wild
Volatility: Medium
RTP: 96.47%

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